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Buzzing around…

……Β  knit, crochet, craft, buy, search, muse, think, combine, adjust….

….. I have to slow down… I have to indeed…. sometimes I have so many ideas, so many desires, but so little time and almost no space for crafting…. it’s like living in a continuous mental whirlwind….. you don’t believe me…. ? Have a look here below….

….. the back side of my dress is finished off….. height 80 cm …. ahem….



….. and just because I wanted it, I sewed myself a tablecloth to be used while crafting….




…. spots…. because I like spots…. and to be totally honest , I was tempted to make the blanket stitch all around and crochet a nice edging…. for my sake, I stopped my insticts in time….

…. does it happen to you too to have a real storm in your mind….. ? Please, tell yes so I can feel free to be insane in all innocence….





15 thoughts on “Buzzing around…”

  1. Wow! So many works!! Congrats! Hmm, yes, even i feel that i want more time to do whatever i wish to do πŸ™‚ sometimes this desire doesn’t allow me to sleep also!
    Tc dear! Keep smiling πŸ™‚

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  2. I do so wish I had more time to craft, garden, read, and a million & one other things that cry for my time, your dress is looking spectacular, you will be wearing it by this time next week !!!

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    1. Thank you,Roma!Maybe my problem is the big amount of free time. That feeling of being useless sometimes makes me craft like crazy… well, not always is a bad thing, I see that I’m able to save a lot of money in that way, but wish my head stops working for a while… πŸ™‚ I’m knitting a beanie for Michele right now… that’s because I’ve promised it to him and have also promised to crochet fake beard…. so my dress will wait for a little while…. just two or three days…. to be honest I can’t wait to have it finished….


      1. We never have the right time balance do we LOL I do so miss my yarn related crafts, maybe as K9 matures I’ll be able to get back to them, happy crafting ❀

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      1. Oh thank you, I decided I had best be cat/dog neutral so as not to upset either critter, I don’t want either one of them planning my demise due to perceived favouritism

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