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Duplicate stitch

Hello, my friends!

Are you spending some good time this weekend? What are you crafting right now? I saw that there is a lot of snow around Europe (except here in Parma, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…… ) so I suppose that you’re cozy wrapped in your favourite blanket and easily snuggled on the sofa with a hot good cup of tea to warm you more….. oh, what a beautiful image….

Me…. well,I’m happy spending my time at home waiting for my Big man coming home from a work lunch and in the meanwhile I’m struggling with some yarn that I dislike indeed…. well,it happens sometimes that you have an unexpected project…. I have to face one of them right now but can’t tell you anything about because it’s a birthday pressie…. The yarn…. oh,it was not my choice because it’s a pressie made with others….. I’m a bit irritated since my opinion wasn’t taken into consideration at all when it was purchased and now I have to work it and trasform something so very old fashioned into something trendy…. Yes,I’m quite nervous and snarly because of that…. so, just to please my curiosity and the will to learn something new, I knitted a coaster and tried the duplicate stitch….


This is a small insignificant project but I think that,in the future, I will develop this technique quite a lot…. I have already an idea in my mind….. but now…. BACK TO WORK!!!




14 thoughts on “Duplicate stitch”

  1. That’s not so easy to make something we are not willing to make/willing to make digferently… But, that’s the greatest challenge for the creativity and I’m sure, you will succeed 🙂 Tc! Keep smiling 🙂

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  2. I’m sure you will work your magic and created a wonderful gift from something that you are not entirely as ease with 🙂 Alas no crafting for me as I’m on my long stretch at ‘The Workplace’ I’m hoping to sneak some crafts in next weekend ❤

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    1. Thank you soooooooooooo much!! I can happily say that I’ve managed to find the way to knit!!!I’m using a pair of 12 mm needles and the texture of the work is good… it should be finished off in the evening today…. fingers crossed..

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  3. Good luck with your project, I’m sure the pattern you’ve chosen will transform your awkward yarn into something glorious! Your coaster is sweet too 🙂 And you’re not alone in your snowlessness – apart from a short but furious blizzard last week, Dublin remains snow-free. Boooo!

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