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Bread and sneak peek

Hello, my dear friends!

Today I will let the photos speak for me…..



The bread I made at mine turned out quite well! I made the dough yesterday night and bake it this morning… Few basic ingredients, some skill and fragrant smell in the kitchen…. all that to try to learn myself to create a homey space wherever my Big man and me are…. not bad, isn’t it?

I’ve finished the project I dislike so much….. YIPPEE!!! It turned out quite well despite all the difficulties and changings…. at last I had to use 12 mm needles to obtain a soft texture… and the only photo I can show you for now is the following one….


As I said in the title, just a sneak peek….

Thank you all for your kind words and your support!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ Blogsphere is a fantastic place made by fantastic people!!!





11 thoughts on “Bread and sneak peek”

      1. It’s exactly how thing should be, but I really really miss being able to knit, alas he seems to think I’m in mortal danger from the needles and feels the need to wrestle them from my grip in case I suffer any harm LOL

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      2. I think I have deleted another comment but this time was Sewchet’s turn…. what a freak am I…… ?? Back to you and the beautiful dog you take care about: just a bit of patiente more and there you’ll have your needles in your hands!Time you and Oscar sign an agreement!!!! Something like a bone vs. two or three hours knitting… how does this sound to you ?


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