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The importance of avoiding the twist

I did it and understood what went wrong during the first try of the topdown cast on…. I didn’t pay any attention to the twist of the cast on stitches and I made a total disaster. Moreover I didn’t start with the right needles… the cord of the circular needles must be a good one which helps you keep under control the stitches and their direction… I saw that this is one of the basic rules if you want to knit with a topdown method… so here’s my beginning…


I decided to follow this pattern literally.. I find it quite clear and suitable for a firts project ever of that kind… I foresee a lot of mistakes and undoings but I also think that I will go through this project…. I’m following the directions for 46.5 inches chest measure and, since I don’t have 3,75 mm needles at mine, I knitted the first two rows with 3.5 mm needles and now I’m continuing with 4 mm ones. Maybe the T-shirt will be a bit large but I can always make a neck edging to keep it more fitting in a second time… what do you think about..? Have I made properly my calculation?





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