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Top down :: the progress

The first thirty rows are knitted, c’est-a-dire, the lace is done…


It seems good up till now….. I hope it turns out well….


7 thoughts on “Top down :: the progress”

    1. Thank you,Sheila 💙💚💛💜 I’m following the pattern word by word…. The only change was using a 4 mm Needles instead of 3.75 for the simply reason I haven’t they at mine… Up till now I still do not have the idea about How the tee Will turn out but I keep go on despite that…. Since I’m spending a few days at my Companion I will update about the next progress in two weeks….

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    1. Me Too,Geraldine. I do not Know How the tee Will turn out… I am still knitting the body and sleeves together so I really do not Know what I am doing at all… 😃


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