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A WIP and a new project

Hello, my friends!

There’s no need to tell you that I’m already working on new projects, is there….? 😉

I have already shown you the cross stitch Audrey pattern and stuff….well, this beautiful lady is taking shape on my Aida cloth…


This is the second time that I’m cross stitching her and the pleasure is the same as the first one…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

New day, new knitting project, new yarn…




 I will try to knit the following garment…. asked me by a friend of mine….

Per Betty

Hm hm hm ….. the only place where I’ve seen this tubular sweater is here … with no knitting directions….  I really hope that I’ll be able to reproduce well the pattern… I’m going to knit it straight, with neither increases nor decreases, following the shoulder lenght for shape the arm holes …. but I’m not quite sure if a garment of that kind would be wearable… well,I think that the dear friend of mine wouldn’t mind to test it… I’ll make the most of my skill and the yarn and, eventually, we are always in time to undo it and make something else, if necessary… 🙂

Off to make lunch….




PS: The grey yarn is merino while the white is a mix of wool and alpaca, both to be worked on a 8mm circular needles…. I’m in heaven….


12 thoughts on “A WIP and a new project”

    1. Jennifer, I do not have anithing else to do… 😦 😦 😦 I can’t deny that I love to knit and crochet but I would better like to have a job… on the other hand,I love gift exchanges, they are a kind of pleasant barter which allows me to have at mine things which I would buy and makes friendships growing !!! Isn’t that nice? By the way, I have found THE PATTERN for you!! And the yarn too! But the most important was the pattern… At first I wanted to knit you this : , but then I bought that…. and I would like so very much to try some patterns from this book…


    1. I know I know and can’t wait to see it!! I have knitted Nurmilintu three times!!! It’s a beautiful pattern which gives great satisfaction! It is manly because of it that I bought the Shetland lace book!!

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    1. Oh,I’m a bit affraid off it. I think I have understood how I have to knit. Since my friend hips’ width is 47,5 cm, I will add 2,5 cm in order to obtain a total circumference of 100 cm. In my opinion, since the garment should be worn as a cape it should be a bit larger than the hips’ total width. The shoulders width is 38 cm and the arm holes are two simple splits. I will cast off the stitches in order to obtain this measurement and make the garment lay gently on the shoulders. Wish me luck, please…

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  1. Two stunning projects to keep you busy, I’ve seen the cross stitch pattern on Pinterest it looks lovely, as for the sweater…what can I say I LOVE IT xx it probably won’t be very practical for everyday wear more of a statement piece, I think your dear friend will just look graceful and be supremely admired !!!

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    1. I do hope so,my dear! I’m actually working on something that I have a pattern to follow….. even if I knitted the samples for the tension I’m still a bit affraid to start it… my BM should be at home this weekend so I’ll probably cast on the stitches on Monday,only because I’ll be enoug relaxed to face a project with no pattern… I saw that you read my answer to Sewchet’s comment, what do you think, is my approach good enough?


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