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Some coffee? Or you prefer tea?

Hello, my friends!

I’m having some really busy days lately and I find quite hard to be more present in the blogsphere. Well, to be precise, I craft a lot mostly because I’d like to finish off some projects I meant for my friends and it is easier to me just to post the photos (like yesterday)  and write only a few words…. I think I’m going to face some busy months but I’ll talk about when it will be the right time for. Till then I hope you enjoy my projects as much as I do….

I’m in a cross stitch mood…. as you could have seen….


I love this tea cup….. no, I love all the cups from the chart which you can here. I’m going to eimbroider another one for which I bought some thread of beautiful colour shades….


Aren’t these skeins gorgeous….? ❤ ❤ ❤

My idea is to cross stitch two cups to be framed later.

Off to embroider my second cup now  🙂





14 thoughts on “Some coffee? Or you prefer tea?”

    1. Incuriosita,ho guardato le nomination… ma sono l’unica nominata che tratta di crafting?? Sono doppiamente onorata, grazie!!! Vista la diversità di interessi, ti posso chiedere cos’è che ti piace,in particolare, del mio blog?

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      1. É da poco che ti sono iscritta al vostro blog é mi piacciono i lavoretti al uncinetto perché anche io le realizzo e poi anche i articoli che scrivi in generale.Le faccio i miei complimenti per le fotografie che sono veramente belle.un sorriso 😉

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  1. The first little tea cup has turned out beautifully! I’ve also had little time to spend on the computer recently, so I’m spending this morning catching up on all those lovely blog posts that I’ve missed:)

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    1. If I will have time,I’ll work on the second one (already started) this afternoon…. There’s little time at mine for craft but I’ll try to do something despite that..

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