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Because every cottage needs its own fairy…

Hello again,my friends!

After having had some quite busy days I had a demanding need to craft something… well,to be honest, I have tried to cross stitch the second cup but my two attempts turned out so very inglorious…



Quite ugly and not neat at all…. so I decided to change the subject and picked up a nice pattern among those on my Pinterest Cross stitch board… and since this is the second cross stitch project meant for Roma and since every cottage needs its own fairy…. here it is, my tiny one…




Small, neat, sweet and ready to be framed! I hope that she will be a nice cottage guardian 🙂




PS: I have forgotten the wings!!!! What fairy has no wings!!!! I’m out of my mind indeed…. so I have just embroidered them….


Do you spot them? Now the tiny fairy is FO for real…. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Because every cottage needs its own fairy…”

    1. Thank you,Sheila! I hope so! I really wanted to embroider the second cup but it simply didn’t work on my aida cloth…. well, now I’m glad to have changed my plan… the tiny fairy turned out nice…. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Oh my what a sweet tiny little creation, as you rightly say EVERY cottage deserves a kindly guardian,and what way to keep the cottage company while I have to visit ‘The Workplace’ knowing she will cast a magic spell of calm and serenity ready for my arrival home will be treasured xxx

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    1. Oh,it is so pleasant to read those word of yours! And I’m so happy you like the fairy 💙💚💛💜 I have to tell that I’m so very satisfied with how she has turned out. Since I will be busy by the packing in the next weeks, the projects I meant for you will be perfect resting breaks… I have started to work on the the three dish towels kept apart and as soon as I finish them, the parcel will be on the way to you. The only thing you have to do is to find the frames for the cup and the fairy. I would have liked to frame the embroideries but have little free time indeed…


      1. I saw the pictures you posted of the new home place that is awaiting you, so I’m not surprised your busy, I have your project under way …it’s taking far longer than I thought, but I’m pleased with hows its turning out

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    1. Oh,thank you a thousand times!!! Can’t wait to see her framed and hanged in Roma’s cottage 😊😊😊 I like her delicate look and I’ll embroider one for our new home too! Hope that she will guard us with love…

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    1. You’re simply too kind! The cups turned out quite bad indeed… Not one stitch looked as it had to so I gave up on it. Now I’m happy i did because the fairly is sweet and nice and I’ll embroider the next one for our new (not yet found…. :/ ) home….


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