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In the meantime..

Hello, my dear friends!

What a nice thing to have my computer fixed and to be online again!!!

Ok, so,a lot of things happened lately and are still happening but today I had a quite relaxing day even if there were two important tasks done! Where to start,let’s see… hm… ok,let’s start from the curtains… my first task, no photos but just a few words to say that I cut out the curtains with the help of my friend Monica. Since my home is small and I have no appropriate table on which I can actually work, I had to go at hers and, since she’s a tailor, she also gave me some very useful advices. It is a great thing to have kind and sweet friends who are always willing to help. I will never stop telling that firends are very important to me and that their role in my life is basic! When you live away from home as I do, kind and gentle people are treasured like gold. So, my curtains are now cut and stored in their box ready to be sewed and hanged… Thank you,Monica!!

The boxes…. here they are…


…. I’m on the half way of packing our stuff and cleaning the apartment…oh oh oh my Big man brought back home the blanket I made a year ago… Can’t help myself, I like it a lot… I have the yarn and the pattern for a new one, but there’s always so little time…..


…. and I have a new ironing board cover….


…. Oh,the new home is going to be fancy…. Can’t wait to decorate it… 🙂 🙂 🙂

Up till now everything is proceeding as scheduled… I can even find time for craft…. There’s a sewing WIP….


…. for this one too, I was helped by Monica but it is still unfinished so I’ll write about as soon as it will be FO….

…. and my knitting project is growing a bit less then usual…


… to be honest, I have undone the previous work… I didn’t like how it looked, the needles I used were too thick and the tension was awful so I changed my needles and used a pair of 4 mm gauge instead of 4,5 mm. And I did well! Now the work looks better and my knitting is faster…. It is still a long project but a nice one, if the final result will be the one I have in my mind…. :/

But let’s return to the beginning of my post and to the second of today’s tasks…. my computer…. a week ago it had suddently crushed down… just like that, while I was catching up with the latest news in the blogsphere…. I brought it to the computer surgeon who was able to fix it, for my big surprise because I thought it gone for good … I’m so happy that I was wrong and so happy that I have it at mine again… So today I went to fetch it….


…. and I have so much fun riding my new bike!!! Oh,it is great to have a bike!!! I’m so very clumsy on it since last time I rode one I was maybe 16…. maybe…. I do not remember! We should have brought one earlier!!!


Well,it doesn’t matter much because I will ride the bike very often in the place we are going to live since we are 2,5 km away from downtown…. And again I can’t wait!!! Even if I’m a bit sorry to leave Parma and my friends… this is the sad part …. but I’m only a two hours of train trip away.. I foresee a lot of travelling in the future… 🙂 🙂 🙂





11 thoughts on “In the meantime..”

  1. Things are moving at a pace, YEAH you got your computer back 😀 much to your relief no doubt, I’m looking forward to seeing your sewing FO,
    A whole new life is beckoning to you and your BM have fun

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    1. Yeah,I thought it doomed but fortunately the surgeon was excellent. These are busy days but everything is going well 😊😊😊


  2. I love your blanket. I have one too. Love it to bits, have had it for so many years. My grandmother made it for my daughter (her great-grand daughter) when she was little, and she is now 26. The blanket is still around and much loved each winter. One day I will also make one for my daughters baby. 🙂
    Your home is coming along beautifully. I love to watch and see what you are up to. Have fun!!

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    1. You’re so very dear,thank you! ❤ There are so many things to be still done but I have a vision of how our new home should look like… Just hope that everything turns out as I imagine it.. I love blankets so so much and an so happy that Rona gave me the Earth and Sky blanket,it is my personal and the one I made ismy BM's one… And it is so wonderful to have all at one place…

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  3. I hope you get settled and that it feels like home soon – having your lovely blankets around you is sure to help. Good news about your computer, I’d be lost without mine!

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    1. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


  4. Wow, you’ve been busy! I can’t wait to see around your new home, and it’s great that your trusty computer has been restored to full health! And of course I’m intrigued to see how your latest WIPs turn out… Have a super weekend! 🙂

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