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FO :: the mustard little dress

Hello,my friends!!

What a hard job it was!! The moving,then the house decorating,the first curtain hanged,the rides …. and finally the binding off of the mustard dress…… but….phew,I have never had a harder bind off…. there was no end to it ….



…. but then it happened… yesterday night, around a half past midnight….. the last stitch was bound off and I fell asleep immediately after….

The first thing I’ve done this morning was to go for a ride since I was sealed in house for two days trying to have my garment FO… There was some fresh air highly needed indeed…. And as I got home I steamed the dress and ta-dah….





While uploading the photos I was browsing my old posts to see if I had already written about the yarn,but I wasn’t able to find anything… I have only found the post about the beginning of this project and, in fact, I’d started it exactly while searching for a new home here in Peschiera… I’m so pleased I’ve finished it and so happy to have 5 balls left because this amount of yarn will be enough for a Crescent shawl… I’d purchased the yarn from Katia and I had taken all she had because it was the last lot produced in this specific colour shade … thirteen balls in total. There’s no need to tell you that as I saw the yarn I had already known what I would have done with it 🙂 I was only affraid to not have enough for both garments but there’s no doubt anymore… 🙂 As soon as I’ll be able to,I’ll post a photo of me wearing my little dress fully accessorized! Up till then I say bye and wish you a great weekend!!I’m off to bake something now, like that… just because I’m in a good mood…




PS: Sheila,your parcel has arrived exactly while I was writing this post…. Excited,me…?? No,why…? Do I look like an exited person…. ??? No,not at all…. I’M A VULCANO ERUPTING EXITEMENT!!!! My first parcel in the new home!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

PPS: I forgot to tell you about the pattern!!! It is Ombre Tank, found here. I have had to adjust it for my body but it was quite easy to do! I love this blog, I find it so fresh..


17 thoughts on “FO :: the mustard little dress”

    1. Thank you,Roma!! It was a quite hard work indeed!! But it is done!! Well,I was under pressure because I really want to put it on! Can’t wait!! 🙂


      1. They are beautiful and there are a lot of patterns on Raverly! Me,on the other hand,I have to make my purchase worth the money spent…


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