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What a heat!!!

Hello, my friends!!

These are dog days indeed!!!We reached 35°C and I am hardly able to do anything with this heat! Oh,add to this temperature a relative humidity of 73%… ohhhhh…. The only way I can face this weather is by knitting …. (what an excuse, isn’t it…? 😉 ) …. the border of my Crescent shawl is slowly growing….


I do hope that it will be finished off for the weekend…. Can’t wait to wear it!!

My Big man and me were at a local antiquity street market last weekend and we made a lovely purchase …. well,it was more like this…

Me: Oh, look!!! I love that! We absolutely must have that at ours!!! (read: I absolutely must have that at mine!!! ….. it is only me, or sometimest it happens to you too to think you live by yourself…. in particular when it is a matter of home decor….)

My Big man:



Let me introduce you….



The photo does not do justice to the stand but I’ll try to take some better ones in the future. I simply love it! And, of course, I tried to bake some muffins just to see how the stand looks when there are sweets on it…


Better,don’t you think? Now I have to learn to make cupcakes and try to decorate them just because!! Well,even if my Big man doesn’t understand my enthusiasm for those useless things, he will love to pick up a muffin from the stand for breakfast from now on 🙂

Off to try to refresh me somehow!

Have a nice evening!





17 thoughts on “What a heat!!!”

  1. Eeek! 35 degrees? I’m having enough trouble with the more modest temperatures here in Ireland! At least it hasn’t stopped you going outside just yet… What a lucky find at that market! I’m sure regular batches of muffins will help your Big Man to get used to having your awesome cake stand around 🙂

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    1. Just got home with some blueberries to frost and make muffins on Friday when he gets home 🙂
      I went to the shop early this morning to avoid the high temperature.. it is a while already that I’m trying to persuade my BM to move away to a fresher place but I should give him some English language lessons…. well,a battle lost at the very beginning….

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      1. Oh,no no,I didn’t mean that! English is one of the easiest language to learn! I had had and still have more difficulties with French…. The fact is that my companion is a lost cause…. Maybe because he’s a maths type rather than a language one since he’s an engineer…

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  2. Your shawl is looking beautiful and I did laugh your BM and my Beloved have the same expression when I drool over something that I simply have to have 😀
    Your cake stand is sooooooo cool, I want / need / have to have one LOL no wonder you bought it, and it doesn’t it look divine on your hand crafted doily

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    1. men simply don’t understand… 😅😅😅 It is still hot here so I’m proceeding slowly because my concentration is very low…
      I love the stand as I loved the stall it was exposed on.. Run by a nice couple it was fully filled with ceramics ‘ made in England’! I was completely lost,as you can easily imagine
      … 😅😅😅


      1. Men may not understand, but the silly smile they give us and the little shake of they head when we get a little treasure to take home is priceless

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    1. Thank you for your kind words! I’m just finishing the shawl and hope that I’ll be able to post the photos in the next few days 😊
      I don’t know what kind of weather you have in Singapore but here high temperature is normal in this time of year. You just know that breathing is hard in summer 😁

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      1. is always hot and humid here in Singapore.. but a shawl is always welcome in the cool evenings.. By the way.. is the shawl your creation? I love the pattern. Where can i find it?

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      2. It is worth the money spent! Up till now I knitted only the Crescent shawl but was musing about making Xmas gifts in Shetland lace for the girls in my family…

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