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FO :: my Crescent Shawl

TA DAH!!!!

Blocked and shaped! My shawl is ready to be worn…












Happy weekend!!!





22 thoughts on “FO :: my Crescent Shawl”

    1. Many many thanks,Roma 💙💚💛💜 at last,since the place helps me a lot,I was able to take some nice photos of the shawl. I have to admit that I’m shamelessly pleased with both and can’t wait to wear the shawl 😊


      1. Everything is fine! The landscape is perfect for bike rides which are good to keep me in a very good mood. There are little useful stores here around so I have to move in bigger towns,like Verona, to find what I need but this is a perfect excuse to be in a continuous wandering around state 😃😃😃


    1. I was good in taking photos,wasn’t I ? 😁😁😁😉😉😉 Seriously now,thanks for your comment,your enthusiasm means a lot to me! Now I’m waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it and think it will be Saturday night! My BM didn’t see it yet and do hope that he will like the shawl…

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    1. It was too hot!! The temperature is stil rising as does the humidity!This is a very hot summer indeed!! It should be better from Thursday on and since we are going to Berceto,my BM’s hometown, which is in a mountain region, I’ll be wearing it in the cool evening 🙂
      Thank you for your compliments! I love the background!! It was such a fun taking the photos of the shawl here around 🙂 At least the sunny hot weather was useful for the photo session LOL

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      1. Definitely! The sunshine really brings out the lovely cheerful yellow. Oh, and we’ve just had a rainy couple of days here in Dublin, so hopefully cooler weather is coming your way ☺ Enjoy your break in the mountains!

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