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The mustard yarn epilogue

Oh,yeah,it is true! I had bought a big amount of the mustard cotton yarn and I tried to make the most of it indeed! First the dress, then the Crescent shawl and, as last, this little goodie… a grocery bag…




…. well,in fact it is too small to carry groceries but it is perfect for books…. LOL The cost of the yarn? 26 for thirteen balls thanks to my friend Katia. I’m quite satisfied with my maths LOL and even if I had paid it twice as much it still would have been a bargain.

Back to the bag, I had found the pattern online quite a while ago but I don’t remember where. Here’s the photo I saved on my computer and if the author recognizes it as his own pattern I kindly ask to let me know.


As you can see, the size can be adjust as you want and it is quite quick to crochet so… Have fun!!

I can easily suppose that you could be slightly sick of seeing all that mustard at mine…. 😛


…. but,oh,there’s a ball left!!!!! Can you spot it?

Seriously now, I think that I’ll take a break of that mustard but in a few days even this last ball will be happily used for a very good purpose so I hope that you’ll forgive me its longlasting presence at mine… Do you remember the Charity Yarn Bombing promoted by The Grange Range last year?? This event will occure again in August this year so I will use it to crochet flowers! And if you are interested to, just have a look at The Grange Range blog for more informations:

Have a great weekend, kind and lovely people out there!!





13 thoughts on “The mustard yarn epilogue”

    1. Thank you!!! Some mustard will cross the channel for the yarn bombing 😃 off to find some more pattern to test 😃😃😃 I’m glad to be od some help even if it is not much… Have a nice Sunday!


  1. What a cute little book bag, it’s been a pleasure to see the beautiful items you have crafted with your mustard yarn, and what fun that you will to be taking part in a yarn bombing project, I’m sure your work will be much appreciated

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    1. Thank you so much! The yarn is simply gorgeous and indeed I tried to make the most of it! It was for a long time that I have had in my mind the idea of crochet the bag but had never had the right occasion …. Well,now it has come the time and I like a lot how it looks like on my bike 😊 it was a quick project indeed but so satisfying 😊


  2. I’m always embarrassed to comment on your blog because I end up saying the same sort of thing every time. But I just think you are a complete genius with a crochet hook. You make it all look effortless and beautiful. I love your bag.

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    1. You’re too kind,Phil!! Please,do not feel embarrassed,you do not have reasons to at all!! Are you kidding?! It is me who has to learn from you! I’m not a designer but only a performer of someone else’s ideas! Your creativity leaves me speechless every single time!! Thanks so very much for sharing your work!!


  3. Oh my word, what a bargain! I love how the various techniques you’ve used bring out different features of the yarn in every piece, so they match without being completely identical 🙂 And that book bag is stunning… I can’t wait to see what you make next!

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    1. Oh,Helen,you are always so kind with me! It’s true,the yarn was a bargain indeed and I like all the goodies I made. I’ve reached my goal to be able to dress myself without spending to much money. I’m not good at sewing but can knit my own garments and can feel less guilty for not have a job…

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