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Suprisingly nice

Hello,my friends!

Let me tell you that I managed to find here in Peschiera del Garda the stores I need the most. He he he well, I think my Big man wouldn’t agree with me but I’m sure that you can understand me if I tell you that a haberdashery, a fabric store and a yarn store are essential for us crafters! I found a place that took my breath away in the very moment I got in! A beautiful fabric store with a well stocked haberdashery corner: Giesse Scampoli !I don’t usually promote big stores because I like to see the small ones work more but this place has everything I need! And there are fabrics sold at any price! So good for me since I’m not good at sewing and I like to find some offcuts to destry which do not cost me much. It is so great to know that from now on I know where I can go if I need anything and there is a bike road till there too so I do not have to go far away from home πŸ™‚

I found a yarn shop too. But…. let’s talk about…. have it ever happened to you to enter a store run in a very messy way??So messy that you feel bad when you see some beautiful yarn indeed thrown negligently on the floor covered with a thick layer of dust…. something like that….


Of course,I couldn’t take a photo of the store but the above photo can easily tell you what I’ve found… I saw the same yarn Katia has in her store in Parma, yarn of a good quality indeed, but how can I buy anything if I can’t have the chance to look and touch the yarn which is a way I sometimes let myself to be inspired with… Well,I will go to Katia’s whenever I’ll have the occasion to and maybe…. when I will have that unbearable need for something new…. I’ll try and go to that chaotic place….

There’s no need to say that I got home from the fabric store with a little purchase. I spent 3 € for a nice offcut… and I got an idea…


….what about a bag with a Shetland lace edging applied…. ?




Needless to tell you that the pattern is from this book πŸ™‚

When I applied the lace yesterday I thought that I have chosen the wrong colour to applied on the grey fabric I bought but I decided to finish off my project despite my doubts…. and it has not turned out badly…. on the contrary,I’m quite pleased with the result of my delirium….




To sew this bag I followed the You tube tutorials of this girl which helped me quite a lot! I find her directions quite good for a beginner like me! With her help I was able to add a zip and to sew the lining too.



What do you think? Do you like my bag? This is the first time I tried to apply a knitted lace to a fabric but have to say that a crocheted one is better. It stays more firmly. I have already put all my bag stuff in my new creation and will let you know if it works good like an everyday bag or if it is better like a “bring along your WIP” bag.

Up till then I wish you a great weekend!





15 thoughts on “Suprisingly nice”

    1. Thank you thank you and thank you! I wasn’t so sure about it but as the bag was finished I felt quite ok. 😊 I ‘m glad that I was able to sew on the zip,I can wear the bag in every occasion like that. Happy to have found the sewing tutorial on You tube 😊


  1. Nice work! Your bag looks very professional… The zip is a good idea too! As for your messy local yarn shop, is it possible that they might need a little bit of help? For payment? From an expert knitter and crocheter? Might be worth asking, if you didn’t already πŸ™‚ Happy weekend!

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    1. That was the first thought that came up to my mind…. And maybe I’ll try one of the next time…. Even if I’m not sure that it will work…. Well,who knows,an attempt is worth doing….

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  2. Wow, a zip AND lining? Your sewing skills are zooming along! Love your choice of lining fabric – very ‘faded vintage’. That store sounds like both a dream and a nightmare at the same time. Wonder if they’ve got any jobs going…..

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    1. Eh,as I told to Helen,I was thinking about! The lady didn’t look to me like willing to offer a job but more like a compulsive collector….. But I’ll try to ask in the next days… Who knows….
      I’ve found a good tutorial online,the link is in the post text, and it is perfect for a beginner like me. I’ll try again, maybe to sew a pouch 😊

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