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I gave a try to …

…the art of patchwork…

The lovely Sheila from Sewchet wrote a tutorial for a waterproof patchwork picnic blanket and I liked it a lot!! What a nice project for a beginner like me!!

I’d like to have one too to use like a rug in our living / crafting room and since I have a lot of fabric remnants I cut out the squares by using a cardboard template of the desired dimentions….


… and then I sewed them up, first in stripes….


…and then in a big patch 😀 ….


The only problem is that the seams do not correspond at all. I suppose that using a template and a pair of scissors is not the best to obtain patches of identical dimentions but I do not have the mat, the ruler and the rotaty cutter at mine and don’t want to buy them before seeing if I’m capable to sew a blanket without… Well,the big patch is quite neat though so I decided to continue with my project… I have to buy the wadding and the plastic coated tablecloth and was thinking about going for some shopping tomorrow in the morning,but I’ll see if there will be enough time since I have a lot to do at home… The only doubt I have is how to quilt since the seams are irregular… Well,I think I’ll ignore them and just sew straight following the square lines… I sincerely hope that my blanket will turn out well….





17 thoughts on “I gave a try to …”

    1. You are far too kind than I deserve…. The seams are not matching and I don’t know how it will look like when quilted… I only hope that I will craft something decent …


      1. Not at all, I think it must take quite a few patchworks to get the feel of how it all fits together, if you are anything like me you are possibly comparing your quilt to some very professional crafted ones made by folks who have been quilting for years, just take your time, enjoy yourself and the process you are learning 🙂

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      2. You understood it right! These words of yours are so very precious for me! Thank you so very much! I’ll try again but instead of the plastic tablecloth I’ll use some fabric I have at mine… I’ll try tomorrow again..


    1. Thank you so so very much! You are far too kind than I deserve too! It is not the best to cut out the squares with scissors because you will never obtain equal patches,a rotary cutter and a mat work better, in my opinion,for this kind of craft…. :-/


      1. you can see close up and you are probably right not easy job to cut with scissors … from where I am looks perfectly straight … if it isn’t … even better … makes it unique 🙂

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  1. How’s your sewing gone today ? if you remember when I made my first (and only quilt to date) I made all the same comments you did LOL now when I look back at my lowly example I love it’s wonky lines and where the stitching isn’t quite in the ditch, I hope you will feel the love for your quilt because it’s hand crafted, made with love, and most importantly it’s all yours ❤

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words 💗💗💗 I remember your quilt very well and it is beautiful! Today I have quilted the wadding and the big patch! I have started to sew on the plastic tablecloth which should be the back side but everything went wrong… I tried to sew it on trice and have undone it each time. The plastic does not slide well and it curls…. Since the quilt itself is quite nice (see photo on fb) I must find the way to sew it on… This will be a nice gift for my BM and me..


  2. I love your quilt! And I knew what you mean about seams not lining up, I started a similar quilt MANY years ago and I had a similar problem. I think a lot of it had to do with using fabrics of vastly differing thicknesses! But I think it adds character… Good luck with the last stages, looking forward to seeing a photo of the end result 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your encuragement! I need a lot of it right now.. I have been in Croatia for the weekend so I had plenty of time to think about what to do and I decided to chane the backside and make it out of some fabric I have at mine… A new try is occuring tomorrow 🙂

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