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FO :: my Mum’s Bag

I did it, I sewed it today…. and decided to do it as I always do… a tote bag with a slightly modified bottom …. that because I tried to quilt a phone case and the result was that….


😮 😮 😮 😮 😮

So to avoid ruining the nice fibric I have at mine I decided to experiment quilting with some more suitable wadding for bags which I still have to buy…. In the meantime I couldn’t stay still and I sewed my Mum’s bag and decided that this will be her Xmas present….




I added some lining and a zipper too…


…. and fixed some last minute discovered flaws….


Maybe I’ll have to crochet another Columbine in a different shade…. well,I’ll think about next week…. now I’m off to get ready for tonight…





22 thoughts on “FO :: my Mum’s Bag”

    1. Oh,my God! You’re so quick! I still have to go and pick up the yarn for you…. yeah,in the meantime my BM offered to see me to pick up the yarn so I’ll have the chance to see my friend, YEAP!! That’s nice from him ❤ ❤ ❤ Do not worry, in a month or less the shawl will be FO,it is only a matter of organisation 🙂


    1. Oh,I do hope so…. Indeed!!! And I hope she will wear it…. The fact is that my Mother has no taste for fashion at all even if she’s a self made tailor….. And do not want to be advised…. She’s a hard case to face… 😝


  1. Super!!!! It’s a fantastic fabric! And the lining is also very beautiful! I just love the details you have added… Great going! You must be superfast in learning and doing crafts, touch wood!
    I’m sure something new is getting ready 🙂 TC, keep smiling 🙂

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    1. Thank you,Sindhu! In fact the bag is stored in my wardrobe and I’m already on new things…. I’m pushing a bit with my Xmas gifts because I’d like to have them FO soon since I’d like to try and find a job in the next months….

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