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My first messenger bag and my first appliqué

Oh,yeah,I did it! I sewed the messenger bag for my Big man and started a new one for his sister…

I bought a nice fabric a while ago and I thought it perfect for a men’s bag…. oh, there was enough of it for another one and I thought it would be nice make a second one for my SIL but more girly, of course 🙂 . I find nice to use the same fabric for the sibilings and highlight this kin relationship in that way.

While my Big man’s bag is almost FO….



…. I have only cut out the outer part of the flap for my SIL’s bag and sewed on an appliqué…


Well, I’m pleased with how this two projects have turned out. I was worried about the flat sewing and application but everything went well. I didn’t sew the strap on my BM’s bag yet because I’d like to make it adjustable and I need some rectangle rings for that…. So when the second bag will be FO I’ll be heading to the shop with both and try to find something suitable… 🙂

Before I run away to craft (my God,I’m always in a kind of hurry lately…. :/ ) without mention them, here are the links to the tutorials I followed to sew my messenger bags…—version-2.html

I wish you all a great day ❤ ❤ ❤





15 thoughts on “My first messenger bag and my first appliqué”

  1. Nice work! And you may be in a rush all the time now, but you’ll be laughing in December when everyone else is battling through the Christmas shopping crowds and you’re sitting at home with a pile of beautiful handmade gifts wrapped up under the tree 😀

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    1. Thank you so much! There is still a lot to learn for me indeed, I’m always looking for good tutorials on line which, fortunately, are giving good results. The appliqué was attached with the zig zag stitch only (I glued some interfacing on the pink fabric though..) because I didn’t find in my stash the double side one (which I know it IS somewhere in there…) and decided to leave it that way…. It’s a bag, it shouldn’t be damaged so very soon…


  2. Wow these are so professional, you go girl. I love the idea of all the homemade gifts under the tree and feet up infront of the fire with a cuppa and a good book feeling smug and avoiding the christmas shopping crowds… I should really get working on that, thanks for the links to the tutorials.

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    1. Thank you for your comment and the enthusiasm 🙂 I thought about the home made to save money at first but have to admit that this is fun indeed. And,yeah, it will be great to spend some cozy time while the other will run around… 😀 😀 😀 LOL


  3. Wow, look at you go with your sewing, you’re doing really complicated things now and it looks perfect! I’m feeling a bit nervous about the things I’ve sent you now, you might think the stitching isn’t so good after all:)

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    1. Are you kidding?!!! Do not worry at all, your work is simply fabulous and I truely wish I were able to sew like you!! Can’t wait to have your parcel at mine! Thank you for your encouraging words,they mean a lot to me indeed!


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