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Almost there…

Hello my dear friends!

I’m almost ready for Abilmente….. Oh, I couldn’t be more excited! I have finished off the last pair of socks….


….that one I’m going to wear and have put aside everything I have to carry with me….





I wrote a little report about sock knitting (in 10 copies) and made some very rough cards with my blog and email address written on. Just in case…. Tomorrow I will prepare the lesson itself and that is it! Oh, I’m thrilled!!!

I will be honest and tell that I’m a bit tired and I don’t spend much time online but I follow all your gorgeous craft on my WordPress reader!! I feel always so inspired by you and your work! Thank you for being always there! ❤ ❤ ❤





19 thoughts on “Almost there…”

  1. Such an exciting adventure awaiting, good luck with it all …not that you need it !!! the socks are looking superb, I’m really looking forward to your posts on how it all went 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much,Roma! I can tell that I’m ready for the fair. The lesson is prepared, the train ticket bought and the outfit put together…. oh oh oh Let’s hope that it will not rain too much….

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    1. Thank you, Helen! I’m pleased with how all of them have turned out. And I’m so glad that at the fair I was given a nice Rowan’s sock yarn…. Another pair will be knitted soon 😊

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    1. Hello, my dear Jennifer! Thank you so so so very much for your kind words! ❤ I'm sorry that I didn't answer you immediately, I'm having some busy days lately…. Everything was great!!! I had some really exciting time at the craft fair and met wonderful people!!! I really hope I'll be able to attend Abilmente next year too!


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