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The Outfit…

…. for tomorrow is ready….


…. crocheted shawl, crocheted mittens, sewed skirt and knitted socks….

A close up on my skirt, socks and boots….


Yes,I’m ready! And so awfully excited!!!




PS:I have a second outfit ready too, only in case I don’t feel at my ease when I dress up tomorrow morning…. yeah, such a womanly paranoia….


19 thoughts on “The Outfit…”

  1. My, you are a woman of many talents – fancy being able to wear four handmade things at once? Now there’s a challenge – see how many handmade things you CAN actually reasonably wear at the same time! Just add a hat, brooch, jumper….

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    1. Oh,thank you! The challenge is so very interesting! Now I have a reason for make myself a jumper… And find the way to match it… I have a brooch 😃😃😃 I have pinned it on my handmade bag in which I’m carrying my stuff to the fair…. Ha ha ha how much fun have I while musing about that challenge 😊😊😊

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