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FO :: The Messenger Bag for my SIL

Hello, my friends!

After the great excitement and the fever felt during Abilmente, I’m back to my everyday life (but with some interesting events on my schedule… in case they occur I’ll write about for sure 🙂 ) and to my Christmas gift list… I was able to finish off the bag for my SIL which was approved by my Big man…. he didn’t like the flap I embroidered some time ago …


….. so I had to change my initial project…

Well, the new bag looks like that….





I have to tell you that I sweated a lot to finish off it… It is true, sewing is not my favourite crafting method but it allows me to make items faster than crochet or knit…. but I had a devil in my hands yesterday…. I hardly align the handles with the bag, in some points the fabric was too thick and the bag glided slowly and it even stopped to glide in some moments… Well, I think there are tips which are useful in those cases but since I’m a beginner I simply can’t know them and my nerves suffer…. All in all, the bag is finished off, I can be happy about moreover because I put on some slides for the first time ever and which give a more refined look to it.

I almost forgot to tell that I used my selfhealing mat and the rotary cutter for the first time ever…


The cutting of the fabric was faster indeed!! Great purchase for real!!

I have to go back to my gifts now! Have a great day, kind and lovely people out there, and enjoy yourself 🙂 ❤




PS: here you can find the tutorial I have followed for the bag. It’s a nice tutorial indeed!


17 thoughts on “FO :: The Messenger Bag for my SIL”

    1. Thank you,Roma,I’m so so so happy you like it! 💗 I made it a bit bigger because I meant it for carrying around diapers and all the baby stuff.. it’s my opinion (maybe wrong but I don’t have children…) that a mum should feel trendy in any case… Oh,ok,I have to ask since I do not know anything about babies…am I wrong…?


  1. Awesome! I think it was definitely worth the nerves and stress (although you may disagree with me there). And while I’m not a parent either, I agree with you that baby accessories should be trendier… I can’t imagine parenthood changes anyone so drastically that they suddenly want everything in pastel colours and decorated with hearts and teddy bears! I’m sure your SIL will appreciate your thoughtful gift 😀

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    1. I do hope so,Helen! She is a classic style lover and I tried to respect that but couldn’t resist and I added something mine by choosing the weave stripe fabric with those bright colours…. I will let you know after Christmas…

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