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Some rest at last

Hello, my dear friends!

Here we are, two more days till Christmas!

How are you, how is your crafting going on? Are you freaking out? Oh,I hope that, whatever is your business right now, you are having great time!

I managed to craft all the gifts I planned to and here are some random shots…

I embroidered two Russian nesting dolls, one for the lovely lady who owns my fav yarn store in Parma and the other for my MIL, to add to her gift since she copied some of my ideas and I wanted her to have something special though… Both were turned into lavender bags….



The pressie for my Big man is wrapped….


… and put under the tree…


…we still have the same tiny tree from Parma… maybe there a change should be made… oh and yeah, my BM will have a new pair of socks soon 🙂 …. Isn’t the above yarn just lovely…? 🙂 🙂 🙂

I made some fabric hearts for some friends…


…. and crocheted some of them too…


The candy bags are filled and some of them were already given to the children…


I knitted some cowls, the one from the below photo is for one of my SILs…


And I wrapped the gifts for my friends…


I took the photos of the embroideries and I will show them to you after the holidays.

My dear friends I wish you a very merry Christmas and I hope that the new year will bring you smiles, happiness and love! Thank you for being there!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤





16 thoughts on “Some rest at last”

  1. So many lovely handmade treasures! I didn’t make as much as I had planned this year. I was wrapping presents tonight and realised that I only made seven scarves instead of eight so have to go and buy an extra gift tomorrow! Oh well, at least I noticed before Christmas Day:)

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    1. Oh,you are right,it was good to notice that before Christmas! I hope you had great time spent with your lovely family and I wish you a very happy new year! ❤


  2. Oh wow, no wonder you’ve been busy! So… Much… Handmade… Loveliness! The Russian dolls are gorgeous… I was hoping to make something similar to sell at my Christmas markets, but as usual I didn’t have time! Hope you had a super Christmas 😀

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    1. At last I’m here to answer to your sweet comment! Everything was fine and I still have to write a post about Christmas (I’m living in a kind of off mode lately), I’ll write one soon… Oh,the Russian dolls are the quickest project I have ever done! In two or three hours you have a really sweet goodie to sell! I’m finishing a pair of sock for my BM and then I’ll embroider some of them for me… and me only…. 😛 😛 😛

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      1. Hahaha, enjoy! I must look at those Russian dolls again… I had so many ideas for simple sweet Christmas decorations last year, and then I didn’t have time to make any of them! Typical! Anyway, make the most of your downtime… Does this count as hibernation?! 😀


      2. I have to reinvent my whole Christmas tree!! This year it looked so very poorly…. 😦 I hope I will be able to find time for it….
        Well,I was thinking about a kind of hibernation but I still don’t know…. I don’t live a nice period right now, there are some issues I have to face and which do not allow me to stay still…. and,as consequence, I’m crafting now for need and for keeping me calm but the creativity is far away… A big reset is needed.. 😛

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      3. Yes, January’s always a tough month… I’m just getting over a pretty yucky cold myself, and all I want to do is sleep! I consoled myself last week by picking some lovely yarn out of my stash and making a really simple scarf out of it. No creativity required, and it was such a relaxing project. Don’t worry, the winter blues won’t last forever 😃 Oh, and I wish I had a picture of my Christmas tree to send you… You’d feel a million times better about your own! “Pitiful” probably describes it best… 😆

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      4. I’m laughing to tears trying to imagine your Xmas tree 🙂 I suppose yours and mine suffered from an unknown kind of ugly disease 🙂 oh,well, never mind, I enjoyed the holidays spending some lazy time at home with my BM, that was good indeed 🙂

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      5. Sounds perfect! I really loved spending some quiet time with my own family over Christmas too! As for my ailing Christmas tree, my diagnosis is “I have nowhere to keep a proper tree and decorations for the other 11 and a half months of the year, so this is it”. Still, its complete hopelessness makes me laugh more than a pretty, properly-done one ever would!

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  3. Belated Christmas and New Year wishes, dear! Have seen some of your latest works in FB… Amazed about your passion! Wish to be productive like you 🙂 Best wishes..


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