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Holiday fever! Already????!!!!

Hello, my dear friends!

Those of you who knows me best know very well my obsession with handmade Christmas gifts….  There’s no need to talk about that much… but did I tell you that I want to have a nice Christmas tree this year… ? Since I’m so insane, I’m not only crafting gifts, I’m making tree ornaments too….

I have a precise idea about how my tree should look like and I’m playing a lot with the hook and different kind of yarn. I’d like to have sparkling garlands, nice white snowflakes, macarons and some felted embroidered hearts…. Let’s see if I’ll be able to finish off all the ornaments in time…

In the meantime I have finished off, blocked and stored the stole I was making for one of my sisters in law…

This is Luule pattern by Susanne Visch and I love it a lot! The yarn I used wasn’t the best one I have ever knitted with but it was worth the effort. The colors of this stole are too bright, in my opinion, but are perfect for the lady it is meant to. And I’m happy I was able to store it at last!!

As you can imagine, a new project is on my needles which should be finished off in three or four days… The Stone Tulip Shawl for my Mother in law ….

What can I say… I can’t wait to have it finished off and blocked!!!!!

My Mother in law is going to have a small pressie before Christmas, though… three pot holders…

I’m not satisfied with the finishing of those, however. Sewing is still my weak spot which has to be improved a lot… Sometimes it happens that my projects turn out nice but sometimes they do not…. I have to work a lot on appliqués….

At last, I knitted myself a hat! It was a while that I wanted to make this for me, a pattern I saw for the first time on Sewchet’s blog

This hat is perfect! I love this pattern very much and I love to wear it during our waks… By the way, we spent a few hours outdoors this weekend and here are some photos of the Lake seen from above!

I hope that you will enjoy this views!

I have to go now and have lunch ready!!

(Breathe, Tajana, breathe….)





19 thoughts on “Holiday fever! Already????!!!!”

  1. Oh, I hear you! It suddenly seems like Christmas is VERY close! I love your Christmas decorations, especially the little macaron… Your tree is going to be super-stylish this year. And I’m sure your family members will treasure their handmade gifts 😀 Good luck with it all!

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  2. Oh my just look at all your crafting …you put me to shame, all I’m doing is working & studying !!!
    Your Christmas tree will look stunning, good luck with your latest commission ❤

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    1. Thank you, Roma ❤ I had a chat with the lady who wants me to make a hat and a pair of gloves for her granddaughter who is six months old and I’ll knit them with the beginning of December. I still have plenty of time for the rest of my Christmas gifts 😊

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  3. Ooh, a commission, how exciting – good luck! I’ve made lots of those hats now and have two for myself as I love the pattern. Your hat looks lovely in that colour. I love your Christmas decorations and gifts, too, especially the pot holders – imperfection is a big part of the charm of handmade, so don’t be so hard on yourself!

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  4. Love that shawl you made for your sister-in-law.. which yarn did you use for that.. and that view from the mountains is really breath-taking.. hope autumn is great for you this time of the year. 😉

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    1. Hello! Sorry to answer you only now but I wasn’t online for a while.. The yarn is composed by acrylic and wool, it is made in Turkey and I have bought it in Aosta, a lovely town in Nothern Italy.

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