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I’m still here

Hello, my dear friends!

Yes, I am, I’m still here! I have been neglected the blog for a while and that because I’m on a big delay with my Christmas gifts cratfing… Oh, well, I will be able to make everything on my “to do” list but I’m not sure if I will have the scarf I want to knit for me before Christmas…. I hope a miracle will happen but I’m affraid it will have to wait until next year… :/

Oh, never mind, here are my latest FO…

An off the scedule hat for my BM…

The pattern is the same I used for my hat, the Cabled Hat by Debbie Bliss.

My Mother in law Stone Tulip Shawl

I have to admit that I like it a lot!

The Lace Scarf for my Mum

I followed this pattern and even if it is in Finnish it is easy to understand.

All the gifts for the ladies are done and now it is gentlemen’s turn…

Socks, socks, socks!!!

I have started with my Father in law…

…. and I’m going on with my brother’s pair…


Oh, I feel I’m working so slowly….

Some more Christmas tree ornaments are ready too….

Making all those things by hands… Insanity! That’s the most suitable term to describe how I’m feeling in these days!

So…. since the last few months were so discouraging because a lot of bad things had happened (Brexit, Trump president of the USA, Italy stroken by two terrible earthquakes…. I stop here!) I’d like to share with you some random photos of this still beautiful autumn…

Places we have been….

My dears, enjoy and relax! Of course, if you have time for 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Ponti sul Mincio (… yes, I love to make selfies 🙂 )





22 thoughts on “I’m still here”

  1. Awesome. You are going very well with all the Christmas gifts. Well done.
    Thank you for sharing the stunning pictures of your beautiful place where you stay. It makes us all feel so much happier. Really makes me smile and enjoy each day and feel happy.
    Have a great day and take care.

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    1. How can I not share those photos? Sometimes I can believe my eyes and my luck for living in such a lovely place, even if it will be not forever. We try to make the most of every single place we stay in..

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      1. Indeed. We made the most of where we stay. I love the countryside, but since I work in the city, I live in a suburb just outside the city. It is the closest I get to peace and quiet for now. That is why I appreciate and love your photos so very much. It makes me smile and relax and appreciate live each day.
        Have a good weekend. 🙂

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  2. I loved every single one of your photos, my crafting time is so limited so just seeing the beautiful items you have made makes my heart sing – you are such a talented lady ❤

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    1. Oh,Roma, thank you so much! ❤ ❤ ❤ On the contrary, I have too much time at my disposal but I'm so happy that I'm able to craft… Sometimes I feel like I'm obsessed with crafting, maybe because I feel I have lost time before….

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      1. This is great! I have a wish to sew myself a simple dress for Christmas but I don’t know if I’ll have time… well, I’m a bit affraid to start it because I have a beautiful fabric at mine and I would like to avoid to ruin it…. I was thinking about making a large simple tunic with a pattern a friend of mine gave to me, the fact that is stopping me is that it is just a straight square with no shape at all… I think I’ll cut out first an old sheet and see how it fits before cutting out the fabric itself..


  3. It’s so lovely to see all your gifts coming together… Your family are lucky people indeed! Your scenery photos are beautiful too – it’s funny how it still looks quite summery down at the harbour! Good luck with all your Christmas crafting… I’m sure you’ll get it done in time 😀

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