Hello and welcome to my blog!

Well, welcome to Tatie’s World Part Two, the new space WordPress offered me to create a second blog because I have used almost all the free space at my disposal on the first one…. Well, this is not a bad thing, I love turning pages so I’m going to take this occasion to introduce myself a bit better than I did in the first one…. ❤

You all know me as a new born crafter…. Well, I’ve lost my mind for knitting and crocheting so very much! These crafts allow me to be so creative and to make lovely goodies for my loved ones, my friends and myself. But two years ago I didn’t even know how to use a sewing needle…. Being without a job and having so much free time at my disposal obliged me to do something to avoid getting crazy…. Now I feel so very much at my ease with needles or a hook in my hands…

Before becoming a crafter and a home staying woman, I worked at different positions…. The last job was as a Construction Manager assistant during a gas pipeline construction in Croatia and before that I worked as an old furniture restorer for eight years, the job which allowed me to pay my College studies and which introduced me the love for crafting….. It had taken me a very long time to graduate (I’ve actually got my Bachelor’s degree in November 2012…. 😛 ) but I don’t feel like I had wasted my time, it just had to go like that… I loved every single moment of the time spent learning to be a free woman. I was born in Croatia, from an Italian father and a Croatian mother, and lived in a very small village…. moving to Trieste and getting introduced to the big world was the best thing that had ever happened to me even if that meant a slow moving on at that time…

I love to live “away”,  from my hometown,  from my original country, this is a condition which keeps my spirit alive even if that means to awfully miss the places I grew up. I’d met a great man who have become my life companion (my sweet and so much loved Big man…. ❤ ❤ ❤ ) and who have taken me away from home and with whom I couldn’t be more happier!!! It was with him that started my adventure in Parma and which is still lasting…. well, there are some changes which are going to occur soon but up till then…..

Dear friends, I was and am so really much honoured by the appreciation you have shown me in these past years but my creativity is due to your beautiful blogs. So, please, I beg you, continue to create because there would be anything at mine without the inspiration I have found at yours….

Stay happy and crafty!!




PS: Tatie because this is the nickname my companion gave me at the beginning of our relationship..


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