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The mustard yarn epilogue

Oh,yeah,it is true! I had bought a big amount of the mustard cotton yarn and I tried to make the most of it indeed! First the dress, then the Crescent shawl and, as last, this little goodie… a grocery bag…




…. well,in fact it is too small to carry groceries but it is perfect for books…. LOL The cost of the yarn? 26 for thirteen balls thanks to my friend Katia. I’m quite satisfied with my maths LOL and even if I had paid it twice as much it still would have been a bargain.

Back to the bag, I had found the pattern online quite a while ago but I don’t remember where. Here’s the photo I saved on my computer and if the author recognizes it as his own pattern I kindly ask to let me know.


As you can see, the size can be adjust as you want and it is quite quick to crochet so… Have fun!!

I can easily suppose that you could be slightly sick of seeing all that mustard at mine…. 😛


…. but,oh,there’s a ball left!!!!! Can you spot it?

Seriously now, I think that I’ll take a break of that mustard but in a few days even this last ball will be happily used for a very good purpose so I hope that you’ll forgive me its longlasting presence at mine… Do you remember the Charity Yarn Bombing promoted by The Grange Range last year?? This event will occure again in August this year so I will use it to crochet flowers! And if you are interested to, just have a look at The Grange Range blog for more informations:

Have a great weekend, kind and lovely people out there!!




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What a heat!!!

Hello, my friends!!

These are dog days indeed!!!We reached 35°C and I am hardly able to do anything with this heat! Oh,add to this temperature a relative humidity of 73%… ohhhhh…. The only way I can face this weather is by knitting …. (what an excuse, isn’t it…? 😉 ) …. the border of my Crescent shawl is slowly growing….


I do hope that it will be finished off for the weekend…. Can’t wait to wear it!!

My Big man and me were at a local antiquity street market last weekend and we made a lovely purchase …. well,it was more like this…

Me: Oh, look!!! I love that! We absolutely must have that at ours!!! (read: I absolutely must have that at mine!!! ….. it is only me, or sometimest it happens to you too to think you live by yourself…. in particular when it is a matter of home decor….)

My Big man:



Let me introduce you….



The photo does not do justice to the stand but I’ll try to take some better ones in the future. I simply love it! And, of course, I tried to bake some muffins just to see how the stand looks when there are sweets on it…


Better,don’t you think? Now I have to learn to make cupcakes and try to decorate them just because!! Well,even if my Big man doesn’t understand my enthusiasm for those useless things, he will love to pick up a muffin from the stand for breakfast from now on 🙂

Off to try to refresh me somehow!

Have a nice evening!




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Wearing the mustard dress

Ta-dah again…. this is how the mustard dress looks on me..


…. and this is the neck line….


I think that the origami necklace Jennifer sent me fits this garment quite well 🙂 don’t you think?




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FO :: the mustard little dress

Hello,my friends!!

What a hard job it was!! The moving,then the house decorating,the first curtain hanged,the rides …. and finally the binding off of the mustard dress…… but….phew,I have never had a harder bind off…. there was no end to it ….



…. but then it happened… yesterday night, around a half past midnight….. the last stitch was bound off and I fell asleep immediately after….

The first thing I’ve done this morning was to go for a ride since I was sealed in house for two days trying to have my garment FO… There was some fresh air highly needed indeed…. And as I got home I steamed the dress and ta-dah….





While uploading the photos I was browsing my old posts to see if I had already written about the yarn,but I wasn’t able to find anything… I have only found the post about the beginning of this project and, in fact, I’d started it exactly while searching for a new home here in Peschiera… I’m so pleased I’ve finished it and so happy to have 5 balls left because this amount of yarn will be enough for a Crescent shawl… I’d purchased the yarn from Katia and I had taken all she had because it was the last lot produced in this specific colour shade … thirteen balls in total. There’s no need to tell you that as I saw the yarn I had already known what I would have done with it 🙂 I was only affraid to not have enough for both garments but there’s no doubt anymore… 🙂 As soon as I’ll be able to,I’ll post a photo of me wearing my little dress fully accessorized! Up till then I say bye and wish you a great weekend!!I’m off to bake something now, like that… just because I’m in a good mood…




PS: Sheila,your parcel has arrived exactly while I was writing this post…. Excited,me…?? No,why…? Do I look like an exited person…. ??? No,not at all…. I’M A VULCANO ERUPTING EXITEMENT!!!! My first parcel in the new home!!! YIPPEE!!!!!!!

PPS: I forgot to tell you about the pattern!!! It is Ombre Tank, found here. I have had to adjust it for my body but it was quite easy to do! I love this blog, I find it so fresh..

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The unbearable need to crochet

It happened! It stroke me like a thunder! I simply had to crochet it!

A few days ago I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest,just because, and have found this…. originally published here… and there was anything but anything indeed that I could have done to push away that painful need to craft this amazing doily…. despite all the work and the tasks to be acomplished in these days…. for my sake, the doily was quite quick to crochet and I FO it and iron it a half an hour ago… Even if it has a quite mushy look it is still the most trendy doily I have crocheted up till now and I like quite a lot how it turned out… I foresee more doilies crocheted following the same patterns but trying different colours…. It will be fun indeed 🙂 🙂 🙂









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Knitting pauses

…. between cleaning, dusting, throwing away the garbage (a lot of garbage…. Kim Woodburn and Aggie MacKenzie from How Clean Is Your House? would be very proud of me….) and packing, I can even find some time to knit…. not much because my yellow tunic is slowly growing….



…. slowly but still growing…. 🙂 🙂 🙂