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FO :: the Button Sanctuary tote bag

Hello, my friends!

The credit for the name of my last FO project goes to Helen from BeastieBlog whose sweet comment on my last post made me smile, she indeed understood so well what I had in my mind !! I have a lot of old and old fashioned and unwanted bottons at mine given to me by my Mother in Law something like ages ago (…..because you never know…. :/ ) and with which I didn’t know what to do at all… then, one day, I saw this on Pinterest….


What a lovely tote bag, don’t you think?

So,at last, all those buttons laying useless in my drawer have found a place “where they can live out their days in peace and contentment”, as Helen said 🙂 🙂 🙂 .

So I went to buy some fabric…


…. and this time I tried, for the first time ever, to use some interfacing to give consistency to the bag…


To be honest I don’t like it much…. not only I had problems in attaching it because it did not glue as I wanted it to, but the tote does not have the solid look I imagined it would have… I was looking for some answers online and saw that there esxist some fleece interfacing….. unfortunately, they don’t have it in the store I always go so I have to be satisfied with what I can eventually find… I hope that the messenger bag I want to sew for my Big man will turn out as I imagine it…. I have the FO image in my head and I do hope that I will be able to recreate it exactly as I see it…. but let’s go back to the Button Sanctuary tote bag! I sewed the lining and I added a pocket too….


….. oops… I forgot to turn twice the upper hem…  😮 I hope that it will not cause troubles….


I sewed on the buttons….


… and voilà….





It is a yarn shopping bag… this because it is meant for a yarn lover…. 🙂 🙂 🙂


…. and it looks good in a crafting den …



This was a kind of a testing bag…. I tested my lately discovered embroider skill, the frame in the front is embroidered with a split stitch, I tested the use of the interfacing and its effect on the overall look of a bag, I tested my button sewing skill since I used buttons of different shapes, and, finally, I tested my top stitching skill…. hard task indeed….

I want to sew eight tote bags for Christmas as gift for the ladies from family and friends and, as said above, a messenger bag for my BM… I hope indeed that I will improve the use of the interfacing but before I’ll sew a quilted bag…. I want to sew a bag for my Mum and give it a solid look… Since I have some wadding left from my quilted blanket project I’ll use it to make a more puffed bag…. I cross my fingers and hope that it turns out good and nice…




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FO :: My Very First Quilt

Hello,my friends!

What an awful heat we are suffering here in Italy!! Still!!! And it seems that we will have such a dreadful weather during all summer… Can you imagine…?Just to describe a bit better the situation my Big man and me went to buy a portable air-conditioning and they were all gone!!! And here is how I look like almost every day…. Please,forget the red lipstick and the elegant hairstyle seen on Facebook….


Sweaty, red in face and very perplexed!!! Please,please, heat give us a break!!!!

I try to craft despite the hot weather even if that’s not always easy… the concentration lost and a lack of creativity are always around the corner… but you know me,I’m stoic! So,inspired by Sheila’s patchwork picnic blanket, I tried to sew one by myself too… I bought the wadding and the plastic tablecloth I needed the day after I sewed together the fabric squares….


… and I didn’t have problems with the wadding and the quilting itself….


…. but sewing on the plastic tablecloth….THAT WAS A REAL DISASTER!!!!


It was hard to make it slide properly, it curved and curled continuously…. a nightmare!!! Now I know that sewing a plastic or a vinyl or a leather fabric is just too ambitious for me. I’m not even sure if I have an appropriate sewing machine foot at mine for this kind of materials. Here they are….


Is there anything suitable,in your opinion? On my hand,I decided that I’ll study my sewing machine accessories once the heat will be gone….

Back to my quilt now. 🙂 I didn’t give up from it and decided to change the original project by using some fabric I have at mine for quite a while…


Its purpose didn’t change at all, since it is FO I’m using it like a rug in our living/crafting attic and I use the plastic tablecloth to protect the quilt from the dust… See what I mean in the below photo and, by the way, this is how the back side looks like …


The borders are not straight like I wanted them to be but all in all I’m satisfied… and here it is the front side…





The plastic tablecloth is bearing the scars of the many tries I made to sew it on…


… but i decided to leave it so and remind me that I still have a lot to learn about sewing…

And finally, my quilt in use….



What do you think? Did the quilt turn out ok since it is my first one? I was thinking about sewing blankets for the little ones of my Big man and my family! In your opinion,can I dare to?

Despite the imperfection of my crafts,my aim is to have a cozy home and I see that slowly I’m achieving it. 🙂 This makes me feel good indeed….




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I gave a try to …

…the art of patchwork…

The lovely Sheila from Sewchet wrote a tutorial for a waterproof patchwork picnic blanket and I liked it a lot!! What a nice project for a beginner like me!!

I’d like to have one too to use like a rug in our living / crafting room and since I have a lot of fabric remnants I cut out the squares by using a cardboard template of the desired dimentions….


… and then I sewed them up, first in stripes….


…and then in a big patch 😀 ….


The only problem is that the seams do not correspond at all. I suppose that using a template and a pair of scissors is not the best to obtain patches of identical dimentions but I do not have the mat, the ruler and the rotaty cutter at mine and don’t want to buy them before seeing if I’m capable to sew a blanket without… Well,the big patch is quite neat though so I decided to continue with my project… I have to buy the wadding and the plastic coated tablecloth and was thinking about going for some shopping tomorrow in the morning,but I’ll see if there will be enough time since I have a lot to do at home… The only doubt I have is how to quilt since the seams are irregular… Well,I think I’ll ignore them and just sew straight following the square lines… I sincerely hope that my blanket will turn out well….




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Suprisingly nice

Hello,my friends!

Let me tell you that I managed to find here in Peschiera del Garda the stores I need the most. He he he well, I think my Big man wouldn’t agree with me but I’m sure that you can understand me if I tell you that a haberdashery, a fabric store and a yarn store are essential for us crafters! I found a place that took my breath away in the very moment I got in! A beautiful fabric store with a well stocked haberdashery corner: Giesse Scampoli !I don’t usually promote big stores because I like to see the small ones work more but this place has everything I need! And there are fabrics sold at any price! So good for me since I’m not good at sewing and I like to find some offcuts to destry which do not cost me much. It is so great to know that from now on I know where I can go if I need anything and there is a bike road till there too so I do not have to go far away from home 🙂

I found a yarn shop too. But…. let’s talk about…. have it ever happened to you to enter a store run in a very messy way??So messy that you feel bad when you see some beautiful yarn indeed thrown negligently on the floor covered with a thick layer of dust…. something like that….


Of course,I couldn’t take a photo of the store but the above photo can easily tell you what I’ve found… I saw the same yarn Katia has in her store in Parma, yarn of a good quality indeed, but how can I buy anything if I can’t have the chance to look and touch the yarn which is a way I sometimes let myself to be inspired with… Well,I will go to Katia’s whenever I’ll have the occasion to and maybe…. when I will have that unbearable need for something new…. I’ll try and go to that chaotic place….

There’s no need to say that I got home from the fabric store with a little purchase. I spent 3 € for a nice offcut… and I got an idea…


….what about a bag with a Shetland lace edging applied…. ?




Needless to tell you that the pattern is from this book 🙂

When I applied the lace yesterday I thought that I have chosen the wrong colour to applied on the grey fabric I bought but I decided to finish off my project despite my doubts…. and it has not turned out badly…. on the contrary,I’m quite pleased with the result of my delirium….




To sew this bag I followed the You tube tutorials of this girl which helped me quite a lot! I find her directions quite good for a beginner like me! With her help I was able to add a zip and to sew the lining too.



What do you think? Do you like my bag? This is the first time I tried to apply a knitted lace to a fabric but have to say that a crocheted one is better. It stays more firmly. I have already put all my bag stuff in my new creation and will let you know if it works good like an everyday bag or if it is better like a “bring along your WIP” bag.

Up till then I wish you a great weekend!




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…and they even fit well…

….. oh indeed!!! Unbelievable!!!

With the very precious help of my friend Monica, I managed to sew myself my very first pair of pants ever!!! And they fit!!! A very easy Burda pattern with an elastic belt and no zip so suitable for a beginner like me but despite that the help of my friend was essential!

So here we are….






I used my favourite type of fabric i.e. a fresh and light linen so perfect for summer and of a nice grey shade which will fit with many other colours…. yeap!!!

Thanks for your help, Monica 🙂 🙂 🙂





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A day at home…

…. means….

(i) …. a bargain…


….the curtains for our new home which original cost was around 70 € per meter and which I paid 9 € per meter. Since I learnt to sew straight seams (see my totes….) I thought that I could be able to sew courtains too. I was sweating cold because I knew that curtain fabric costs a lot but did’t even dream it could be so awfully lot…. the average price is around 70 – 80 € per meter… So when the owner of my Mum’s favourite fabric store showed me this job lot I bought it immediately. Well, not exactly immediately because I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing so I called my Mum in law…. and when she told me that I will never ever find a better price for curtains of good quality as the above one, I purchased them in the very moment I stopped talking with her. I had to call her instead of asking my Mum because I need an ally with my Big man who has no idea about home decor prices and to whom 120 € for courtains could sound so very expensive…. Yeah, you understood it right, the whole house curtains for 120 €…. I’m very satisfied and will buy more in a second time if I’ll find a similar bargain. It’s always a good thing to have some spare curtains at home, don’t you think?Can’t wait to sew them and put them on!!!

What do you think, my friends? Do you like my purchase and do you think I did the right thing!! I have never ever bought curtains before so I feel I did well and can’t deny that I feel quite proud of myself 🙂

(This blog is becoming a self celebrating place…hmmmm…. it’s high time to calm down a bit…. )

(ii) …. a secret crochet project….


…. nothing to tell about that except that a single ball of yarn can give a big satisfaction…. and yeah, the light blue has a reason…. but more when the gift will be at its recipient’s…. 🙂

Off to packing my stuff!! 🙂 🙂 🙂




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My new crafty bag

Hello,my friends!

What to say…. my Big man and me are having some deliriously busy days lately (as you already know….. :/ ) but it seems that our hunting will end soon…. fingers crossed…. today, between a phone call and an attack of hysteria, I’ve started to craft my own crafty tote bag….



It is almost done but I didn’t have enough energy and concentration to finish it off….

It’s strange with all those colours not exactly matching well but …. It depicts my personality quite well because it is so obvious that the bag is a study of colour, shape and look…. I wanted to create a more sober bag than my usual and I think I did but I used the grosgrain ribbon of a wrong colour shade…. in reality the colour is not so blue, it’s more like a dark blue-green as the below one…..

verde petrolio


…. all in all, I have to admit that I like the bag and its being odd even if it didn’t turn out like I imagined it would…. never mind, because I will have soon a nice super strange tote bag to carry around my projects and have a perfect excuse to make another one… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀




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Buzzing around…

……  knit, crochet, craft, buy, search, muse, think, combine, adjust….

….. I have to slow down… I have to indeed…. sometimes I have so many ideas, so many desires, but so little time and almost no space for crafting…. it’s like living in a continuous mental whirlwind….. you don’t believe me…. ? Have a look here below….

….. the back side of my dress is finished off….. height 80 cm …. ahem….



….. and just because I wanted it, I sewed myself a tablecloth to be used while crafting….




…. spots…. because I like spots…. and to be totally honest , I was tempted to make the blanket stitch all around and crochet a nice edging…. for my sake, I stopped my insticts in time….

…. does it happen to you too to have a real storm in your mind….. ? Please, tell yes so I can feel free to be insane in all innocence….