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Hello, my friends!

I’m a bit absent-minded lately… or at least I feel like that…. A lot of things are happening in these days mostly related to small every day issues which are fixed as you go but which do not allow me to be online as often as I used to be. Well,on one hand,that’s not so bad because I’m often out but, on the other, I follow less the news in blogland… I have to say that here is not like live in Parma. It takes me half an hour or forty minutes by bike to reach the nearest grocery shop so if I want anything it takes me something like two hours for fetch it… go out, time spent in the shop, a chat, and go back home… But if you have seen my photos on Instagram you can easy understand why I don’t mind spending so much time out….



Since it is fifteen years that I do not practice any sport (except working or similar obligatory ‘to do’ stuff… ) my muscular ache was quite bad lately and that made me feel quite dizzy… Now I feel much better but the time I need to ride around is the same… and there is less of it to dedicate to blogland… :/

I’m always crafting… I always find time for create and even if now I have my Big man both at lunch and dinner (YIPPEE!!!!) I didn’t neglect my craft.

I’m both working on my curtains….


…. and on my Crescent shawl


Talking about this last project of mine…. I made a mistake in this central part of the shawl… I realized, after two rows knitted already, that I had lost a stitch…. and this was the result….


Can you spot the three holes…? They don’t exactly look like a honeycomb, do they….? By the way, this lace looks much alike a honeycomb… well, I was thinking about leaving this as it is but the awareness of those three holes’ existance annoyed me to the point that I had to find a solution…


Spotted the fixed part, the one indicated by the hook?Oh, I didn’t do anything special except bring a string of yarn up to the last worked row… it still does not look like a honeycomb but it is much better than having three ugly holes which can be easily noticed by anyone… Yes, I know, I’m exhausting… indeed…

It is time to make dinner here so I’m off to prepare something for the two of us…

Have a nice evening ❤ ❤ ❤




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FO :: Tubular sweater

Hello,my friends!!

It is so lovely to be home again (….. have I just called Parma “home”…. ??? …. Oh, God,that’s it!! I’m at my ease, at last!!!) and scroll the latest blog updates to see what had happened while I was away! And there’s so much to be seen indeed!!How many beautiful things were crafted in a week!!! And how many colours and shapes!! It’s always spring in blogsphere ❤ ❤ ❤

Since the weather in Croatia was mostly like this….




…. I had spent my time knitting and finished off the tubular sweater I started the day before leaving Parma..









…. and these are the photo and the link from where I copied the idea..


I do hope I knitted the sweater well… no pattern, the 8 mm circular needles, the topdown technique and the crochet edging on the arm holes… Last thing to do is to send the sweater to my friend hoping that she will like it and that the measurements are ok…

Oh,fingers crossed….




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FO :: the tee

Hello, my friends!

I’m enjoying an early aperitif today….


…. that because my tee (which turned out being a tunic more than a tee….) is FINISHED OFF…. I feel a bit stoned now… (too much wine in my drink….) so I’ll let the photos speak for me…







Sorry for the creases, but this is how it will look like in the real life…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 I like it…. this is how I have imagined it at the beginning and can’t feel more happier indeed…. Now I can relax…. just for the night 🙂 🙂 🙂 Tomorrow I’ll be crafting again…

I have almost forgotten…. I knitted this tunic to be worn in spring and early summer… Well,it seems that all the seasons are perfect…. 🙂 🙂 🙂 YIPPEE!!!!!

My friends, thank you so much for your support! As I always say, and will never stop saying, there would be no craft at mine without you, I owe you a lot and will always be thankful for your being there!!




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Topdown :: the sleeves

Hi, my friends!

Yeah,you understood it right, I have knitted the sleeves of my tee….




I decided to knit them to break down the monotony of the body knitting and now I see that I took a good decision…. I like the look of the tee upper side… I like it indeed… I don’t know how it looks like when worn because the cord of my circular needles is short and I can’t enter the loop but I stiil like what I see despite that… 🙂 🙂 🙂 Well, maybe the tee is a bit large and that could be a problem… but I hope that it will gently wrap my figure…. oh, fingers crossed…

Off to knitt 🙂 🙂 🙂 the ecxitement now is quite high indeed…




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Topdown :: the progress update no. 2

….. on the half way…


So… since I’m knitting both the front and the back sides in the same time I feel like I proceed so very slowly with the tee knitting…. a great amount of patience is required to me these days…. but a highly appreciated fact is that there will be no sewing for making up this garment and, at last, I’m using my stitch markers in proper way … I’m off to watch some TV, a rest is needed ….

Good night!