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The prototype

Hello, my friends!

It’s midnight and I have to say that I’m quite tired but I knew that,in the very moment I sewed on the button and finished it off, I would share with you my last craziness before go to bed… well, the crazy part was being crafting up till now, not the project itself…

So… I told you that I crocheted a filet lace

…then I took the necessary measurements for this project….


…. and with stuff I have in my stash…. an old jeans, a bad crochet project and an even worse sewing project…


….. I have crafted this….


….. ops, sorry, this is a WIP photo… I repeat…

… I have crafted this…


…. a tote for BOOKS…. this is my BOOK TOTE BAG prototype!!!


I was nourishing this idea from the first time I saw the knitted book bags on one of my FB friends’ profile … I loved them so much that I had to craft one myself! And, at last, the right moment has arrived!!! (I have finally realized that crafting is all about right moments and nothing more.. ) The tote is perfect for those who like to read and travel a lot or has a long trip from home to work… As usual, the tote has different measurements than I originally planned but, in this particular case, it turns to be an advantage because….

…. you can carry along more than one book…


…. and it can be used to carry home a lot of crafty magazines….


This tote turned out even better than I thought…. I’m really happy about and I know the right person to whom give it 🙂

Now I can go to sleep 🙂

Good night ❤ ❤ ❤