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A bit of late crochet

I had a crochet phase today and it was so very relaxing indeed…. it is one of those super quick projects which gives you a great satisfaction….


It is Suzann Thompson’s Columbine and it is one of my favourite flower from her book … This is going to be the only decoration for my Mum’s bag…. Up till now the project looks nice LOL LOL LOL  …..the bag is still a piece of fabric though…. 😛 😛 😛

Wish you all a good nignt…





9 thoughts on “A bit of late crochet”

  1. Wow…! It is very beautiful indeed! I envy looking at the projects you have done during all these days, even I was busy doing works offline but I wish I could work with the same speed as yours!

    Will come back to the previous posts soon! Tc, keep smiling 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Sindhu!! You know me,I can’t stay still and have to regain all the time I didn’t craft at all…. Three years ago I would have never said that I would be able to crochet,knit or even sew… I wasn’t able to hold properly a needle at all… 😛


    1. Thank you so so very much! Infact, the Columbine is quite easy to crochet but once finished it looks like a fabric flower rather than a crocheted one… I love it so very much 🙂

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    1. Already sewed on!!! I didn’t want to apply the flower directly on the bag but wanted it to be removed if desired so I put on a brooch pin 😉 my Mum can use it in whatever way she want to….. 😊 I almost forgot to tell…. I blocked the beads with French knots, never had beads staying so firmly on ….. 😁😁😁😁😁


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