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Last jam making of the year

Hello, my friends!

As I told you yesterday I discovered the joy of fruit this summer and made a lot of jam. Cherry jam, strawberry jam, apricot jam… I thought that it would be nice to give jam jars as Christmas gifts to my friends and mused a lot about how to embellish them for this special occasion… well, I found that kitchen string could be quite decorative… as much as buttons and tags…

Cherry jam


Strawberry jam


Apricot jam


I made the last pot of jam of the season last week with some really juicy plums…


… and I crafted the tags for the jars…

… with crocheted flowers which pattern is from this beautiful book…


I simply adore Emma Lamb‘s style!!

So here we are!



Well, I can feel satisfied! There’s enoug jam for everybody! Would you like to come and try some? You are all welcome!

Have a great weekend!!!





22 thoughts on “Last jam making of the year”

    1. It has turned out quite well indeed! I tried to add the exact quantity of sugar necessary to conserve the jam properly and avoid that the sweetness covers the taste of the fruit. Well, it had worked, you can taste cherry 🍒 The only one that tastes a bit acid is the apricot jam, that because it wasn’t a good season for apricots this year… But, it doesn’t matter, it will be used for sure!


    1. It was fun making the tags even if I can’t stop saying that it is madness… On the other hand, I have noticed the difference between my tags and my MIL’s simple white labels… My jars are much more appealing and maybe that can make people eat more home made jam or other home made goodies. What a relief for our health…

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    1. Thank you so much! I have noticed that my friends like a lot when I make something for them. Muffins are so much appreciated, for example. And I’m sure they will like my jam. How could I not make some then, for God’s sake!!


    1. The blackberry jam should be so delicious! I have never tried an apple jam! You made me curious about it. I adore apples, their taste and smell make every house a home, but I usually use them for bake cakes.

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      1. I have my account out of order right now… Yahoo is try to solve the problem as quick as possible so here you are : tajanarabar (at) I hope I will read and store your recipe soon!!

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    1. I do hope so indeed! Well, yesterday I gave to my friends the muffins I made, wrapped and tagged with similar tags and they like them quite a lot. They are so easy and quick to make and make a gift quite special.. I’m verry happy with them 🙂

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